Get Him Hooked Fishing For A Great Relationship

Get him hooked. Do it now before he gets away. That is good strategy for fishing and for great relationships. But what hook can you use? What will allure him? How can you make him your boyfriend / husband / lover / soul mate? Read on and find out the real answer for yourself. We are going to look at male psychology and figure out how to get him hooked.

Great dating advice says to not use a sexual hook up to hook him. This is the wrong kind of attraction. Sex will attract men, but it has nothing to do a great relationship. It will probably cause him to lose respect for you and then drop you for another woman when he gets bored. Using sex to try to make him commit is a bad idea.

This is the most effective hook

Combine these 2 things playing hard to get and showing warm personal attention. This is the most effective way to get him hooked. But how does it work?

The fact is that men like to chase a woman. There is something intriguing about the woman not throwing herself at him. So you need to give him some room to chase.

This is where playing hard to get comes in. You need to play hard to get be a little distant and aloof. Maybe be a little standoffish. Make him chase you.

But men also like to know that they are welcome. They do not want to risk being rejected. This is where showing warm personal interest comes into play. This is the hook that can make a guy fall in love with you.

So here is how it works:

Call him or maybe text him. Keep it sweet and interesting. This shows warm personal interest. But end the conversation after a short time. Do not talk or text for so long that he wants to end the conversation. This is playing hard to get. This combination can go a long way in your efforts to make him fall in love with you.

In the same way, when you are at a party or at work, and you happen to catch his eye, smile at him. If you have not seen him for a long time give him a big smile. If you have not seen him for a short time, give him a little smile. But in either case, make it short and then look away. Smiling at him gives him a warm welcoming message, looking away rather quickly is how to play hard to get.

Make sure that you are the quality person that would only add to his life. Make sure that you are a fun, easy going happy person. This sort of woman is a people magnet.

I think you are ready to go fishing for that great relationship. Go out there and get him hooked.


Spice Up Your Relationship With Romance

Romance can be defined in many ways, but those that refer to feelings of excitement associated with love are the best. This excitement can either be very playful or intense. If romance comes easy to you, you’ve got it within you to keep your relationship going strong for a long time to come. If not, it can become second nature with some practice.

1.) The next time she’s doing some shopping, accompany her. This is her day so you should stay with her and concentrate on her experience. You can’t bolt out to the sports equipment section to check out things that you like. You will need to be interested in anything concerning her.

2.) If she’s had a very stressful work week, then rise early on Saturday morning and cook breakfast for her. Bring it to her on a fancy tray for some breakfast in bed. Depending on how stressed out she is, you might permit her some quiet time reading her favorite book or magazine.

3.) A simple fireplace is a potent ingredient for a romantic evening particularly in the wintertime. A cheery fire combined with wine, champagne, a comfy love seat, and dimmed lights all create the perfect atmosphere for romance. This works even better if it is part of a getaway such as a skiing lodge, rustic cabin, or an elegant hotel.

4.) When it comes to the romantic gesture, you don’t always have to hit the ball out of the park. Grand and noble gestures are effective but can be hard to keep up on a daily basis. This is where lots of small gestures are used.

Women value both the small gestures and the big ones equally. So keep up with the compliments, kisses, hugs, touching and expressions of appreciation.

5.) Routines are essential for getting through the every day chores efficiently. But they are tedious and boring and this is deadly to romance. Try shaking up the daily routines and bring her some roses or prepare a dinner by candle light. Anything that’s novel or unusual creates excitement.

6.) Get together for the evening and create a bunch of love coupons. How they get redeemed can be very simple such as drawing one at random from a hat or making it a very elaborate game. The possibilities are entirely limited by your own creativity.

7.) Centuries ago, the love letter and poetry of love were an artistic production. They’re not in fashion now, but things old fashioned and romance seem to go together. Get a book of love poetry, choose a poem and change it so that she’ll think that it was penned by you. Place it in a box of expensive chocolates and gift wrap it.

With practice, romance will become very natural.


Astrology Indicatations For Relationship Problems

There are many factors in astrology charts to analyze whether a marriage or romantic relationship is under enough planetary stress to warrant divorce or permanent breakup. Many times an astrologer will be asked the question whether or not a relationship will break up or get back together when the love life is having problems. How will you know if these factors are in your chart?

First look at the fate of the astrology chart and see if the individual has the qualities of long term relationship. These factors are seen with fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio with the personal planets, especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, and the ascendant. The next is to determine if the ruler of the 7th house of marriage and partnership is a planet in a fixed sign, and whether or not it is afflicted.

If the planet is afflicted it indicates more complications with love life and long term partnership. Your role as an astrologer is to also determine the health of Venus, the planet of love, and whether or not it is afflicted.

An affliction can be determined when there are difficult aspects to the planet you are looking at, in this case the planet that rules the seventh house and Venus. If your Venus is connected with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune or Pluto that lends a quality to the relationship that could cause certain problems in relationships when Venus undergoes stress.

The next step the astrologer will take is to determine what the astrology whether forecast is. That is to say what are the upcoming transits to your Venus and the ruler of your house of partnership. If there are difficult transits to your Venus your astrologer will be able to tell you how long they will go on, what appears to be out of balance, and what the astrology is indicating that you need to address in order to bring peace and harmony back into your love life.

In most circumstances the astrological time tables for difficult transits are usually eighteen months, with three times prominent for a month at a time of transition times to change patterns so you will be happier. Sometimes this is a permanent break up and sometimes it is a difficult phase in the relationship as you work through issues.

Astrology can help you know when these time frames are, whether or not the compatibility between you and your lover is strong enough to whether the astrological factors, and what you can do to respect the change needed from within.

When you learn astrology and become your own astrologer you have the tools and wisdom needed to understand difficult phases in life and how best to work with the energy of the planets to have the life you want.


Long distance relationship tips

It takes a special sort of hot ladies to make a long distance relationship work. The question, “Will this work?” is commonly asked. There’s no one, right answer. People have met and dated over thousands of miles and wound up soul mates. And people have met, dated over thousands of miles and wound up hurt and wounded.

Although there are definite hardships associated with this relationship style, those that can thrive in a long distance relationship see those hardships as strengths, too.

True, you don’t get to cuddle every night, you don’t have a shoulder to lean on, but what long distance relationships do provide many with are women seeking and lasting relationships based on getting to know the person for who they are, not what they act like. Though it is important to know a person’s mannerisms firsthand, the edge of the relationship comes in the conversations via phone and e mail. And the many cute things you can do to make the relationship work.

Another good thing about dating

Long distance is if it fits at men dating ads and lifestyle well. If you are the kind of person that is temporarily too busy to have a full fledged relationship, but still looking to grow, then long distance may be for you. Most long distance relationships don’t want to be long distance, and that’s the best thing about them. Two people are connected in this magical way, no matter what the mileage between them is. How romantic!

First, depending on how the relationship began, it may be solely over e mail or the phone. Also depending on how long you’ve been together, it’s always a good indication if he or she keeps in touch with you regularly. Though you may not be able to see each other everyday, talking every few days at least shows the person cares. When the love thing steps into play, you’ll probably be talking to that person everyday.

Second, is the person there as much as possible, within reason, when you need him or her? Again, depending on how serious the relationship is, you can expect that person to get in touch with you immediately if an emergency or crisis occurs. If you’re at the level where you know his or her schedule, then you know when he or she can get back to you, should a problem arise. Just because he or she cannot drive over in five minutes to see you after a tragedy, they can still call.

Third, if the relationship is serious, there should be talk about making it a non long distance relationship. Again, this depends on your individual situation, but after a while, and some “L” words thrown around, you can decide what to do next.


How To Save A Shaky Relationship – The #1 Way To Fall In Love Again!

Being in love is one of the best things you will ever experience in this lifetime. The feeling is indescribable. You feel those butterflies in your stomach every time you two touch and you just want to be around each other all the time. Can you remember what that feels like? Well if you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve lost those feelings and are on the verge of breaking up. You want to learn how to save a shaky relationship. Am I right? Well if so, you’re in the right place and there is one critical thing that must happen if you want to make everything right again.

A bad relationship can be very hurtful and stressful. You two are probably fighting all the time and you probably can’t even remember the last time you actually had fun together.

The most common solution to this problem is to take some time apart from each other. This means no visits, calls, text messages, emails, letters, or anything of the sort.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” then you will understand why this will work to save a shaky relationship.

Taking some time apart from each other will serve many purposes.

1) It will give you both a break from the bickering and fighting

2) It will give you both time to miss each other and to see what its like to not have each other around

3) It will allow you both time to think and to clear your head

4) It will give you both time to cool down and and realize how much you really love each other

What you do next is the most important part!

I know you’re desperate to have your ex back in your arms again. You want to be able to look into his/her eyes and know that you are his/her whole world! You just want the loneliness and depression to end. But be careful, one wrong move and you risk losing your ex for good!

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